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Synkee is a simple web application which syncs your Dropbox folders on your remote FTP websites.

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Tutorial for Synkee Demo

Tutorial for Synkee Demo

Synkee is extremely easy to configure and start using, but we wanted to make sure everybody who's interested gets an…

Synkee 1.1 beta out now!

Synkee 1.1 beta out now!

After months and months of hard work, the latest version of Synkee (1.1 beta) is out and ready for beta…

How to use Synkee

How to use Synkee

Synkee is a free web app for syncing files to your website (web hosting server) over Dropbox. There's no registration,…


Synkee gives you an ability to synchronize your Dropbox folders to the remote FTP websites, all happening automatically or with a single click of the mouse.


By using Synkee as your FTP deployment tools, you also get collaboration tool for you and your team members without using complicated tools like Git.


If you encounter a mistake while making changes to your website, Synkee will give you an easy to use option to revert your changes on the FTP server.

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  • Before Synkee, I was using Sublime Text to edit files live on my FTP server. This way caused me some serious problems all the time and few days ago I even lost 3 days of work because of it. Since I’m using Synkee, this can’t really happen because I have all my static files in Dropbox, I just edit them with Sublime, save them and they get synced to my website. Synkee really improved my workflow.

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